Alternate Text City of Jackson, MS

Water Meter Upgrade Project

The City of Jackson, MS is currently implementing a water meter upgrade program throughout the city.  Large meter installations will begin in the month of September 2013, with residential meters to follow, beginning in January 2014.

Work will be done by workers wearing yellow shirts, marked with "M.A.C. City Contractor”.  Trucks marked with the same logo on a white magnet with black writing will be used during meter swap outs.  Meter replacement is anticipated to take approximately 30 minutes.  Commercial meter customers will be notified of water shutoffs in advance.  Anyone having special needs for water should notify the Jackson, MS Water Department.  Please pardon any inconvenience during this upgrade to your service. 


Prior to the installation of the meters, crews will be in the community installing network infrastructure for the meters to communicate.  The network infrastructure is essentially a series of antennae that will be located throughout the city on light poles, traffic signals, and towers to serve as a communication route from the water meters to the server.  Temporary poles may be installed in the city’s right of way in some locations throughout the city, but these locations will only be temporary as the antennae will eventually be permanently relocated to a street light.

The map below indicates the sections of the city that work will be performed.  As concrete dates are set per ward, updates will be provided. We are currently installing meters in the wards listed below. Please check back periodically for updates. 


Residential meter installations are currently active in the following wards:
Ward 1, Ward 2, Ward 3, and Ward 7
Please check back periodically for updates..
Jackson Ward Map